2019 YES Preparation Details

YES 2020 Preparation Details

Welcome to the MTI 2020 YES Management Training Program.  During the next year you are going to enjoy a very engaging, interactive, and educational experience.  The YES program combines classroom learning, experiential exercises, online learning, and plant tours to help maximize your abilities in leadership, strategic planning, and building high-performing teams.

During the course of the YES program, there are numerous details and requirements you will need to take care of.  This page outlines each and every detail, thus allowing you to coordinate your logistics and have everything you need, making sure your YES experience is an enjoyable and exciting one.  Please read the following details and take action where requested.

Please take the time to reserve your room(s) prior to the cut-off dates for each meeting.



  • SESSION 1:  Austin, TX - Feb 19-21:  CLICK HERE

  • SESSION 2:  Philadelphia, PA - May 20-22:  CLICK HERE

  • SESSION 3:  Cincinnati, OH - August 19-21:  CLICK HERE

  • SESSION 4: GRADUATION - Louisville, KY - September 30-October 2:  CLICK HERE



ELEMENT 1:  Leadership Test Analysis (CLICK HERE to Download)

Every YES student is required to take the Leadership Test.  Click the link above, open up the spreadsheet, follow the directions, save the Excel file under your name and then email it back to Amanda Motes at amanda@heattreat.net prior to February 7, 2020.

ELEMENT 2:  3-Slides, 2-Minute Company Presentation (CLICK HERE for Power Point Template)

With such a diverse group of individuals in the YES program from many different companies, during the second YES program in May, you will be asked to develop a 2-minute, 3-slide presentation prior to the meeting to share your company story and what your company specializes in with the rest of the YES team.  You will receive the PowerPoint template to use immediately following the February session, or you can use the link above. Once complete, email it back to Amanda Motes at amanda@heattreat.net. Deadline to submit will be May 8, 2020.

  Creative Plant Round Table Discussions

Every class of YES brings a very different form of issues that they are challenged with in their plants.  Some of the issues are safety, quality, finding good people, and how to deal with difficult customers.  Throughout the sessions, you will engage in round table team discussions to tackle the three most pressing issues we feel are common to the group as a whole.  Be thinking about what issues you would want to hear peer feedback on during these sessions.

  Life Development Plan (LDP) - (CLICK HERE for Power Point Template)

In session 2, you will be provided a PowerPoint template so you can develop your Life Development Plan.  This LDP outlines what your goals and action steps will be over the next 12 months, upon graduation from the YES program, to reach your goals - both personally and professionally.  These will be due by September 18, 2020, prior to the final session.  Each student will present their LDP in 2 minutes to the group during the final session.  We will discuss the LDP development in detail in Session 3.

YES 2020 Class Online Discussion Forum & Bio

You will be provided access to the MTI Members Only Forums. As each of you login to your profile in the "MTI Members Only" area, you can access the "YES 2020 Class Discussion Forum" by clicking the "My Connections" tab and then "Communities" in the drop down menu.  Click "ENTER" to the right of the "2020 YES Class" to enter the group.  This is a private forum that only YES class participants can see.  Throughout the class, you will be able to interact with your class in this private forum 24/7.  The system is easy to post and reply to discussion posts. Upon receiving an email notification of a post, you click "Reply To Group" in the notice, and your reply is automatically placed in the discussion forum.   We will go over the system more in depth in the first session in February.  The first thing you will be asked to do is to upload a picture of yourself in your profile, post a short bio of yourself, and answer the question, "How you got into the heat treating industry?"

ELEMENT 6:  Online Training Requirements: (CLICK HERE)
You are required to complete the Heat Treat Technical Specialist (HTTS) program (course 150), the Management Skills Program (course 250), and the Plant Safety and Fire Prevention Program (course 402).  Amanda Motes from the MTI office will enroll you in the required coursework by the end of first YES session.  Once you are enrolled in each course, you will have until September 18th to complete the online training.  Make sure to stay on top of your online training.  It is required to complete the YES program, and you must complete the training by the September 18th deadline.  No exceptions.  Don't wait until the last minute. 


As an executive in the YES Program, you have access to all of the technical training within the MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters.  To take any of the courses not assigned in the program, visit the course catalog by CLICKING HERE, and email Amanda Motes at amanda@heattreat.net the courses you wish to be enrolled in.  As you complete the courses, you can email her the next coursework you would like to enroll in.


The following are three books that we highly recommend you read during this 10-month program.  These books have incredible content on leadership, team development, communication, and a winning attitude.  They will compliment all 4-sessions you will take part in.

How Successful People Think by John Maxwell (CLICK HERE)

It's Your Ship by Michael Abrashoff (CLICK HERE)

Switch by Chip and Dan Heath (CLICK HERE)

How to Say Anything to Anyone by Shari Harley (CLICK HERE)


If you have any questions regarding the YES program, feel free to contact Tom Morrison (tom@heattreat.net) or Amanda Motes (amanda@heattreat.net) or 904-249-0448.