Operational Cost Program


Welcome to MTI's Online Semi-Annual Ops Cost Analysis Program.  This tool provides members with real-time comparisons every six months on operational costs, against the national and regional competition.  With the business climate changing so fast, it's imperative that heat treating companies have real-time financial data and trends to help them make solid business and purchasing decisions. 


The online Ops Cost system is password protected, secure, and super easy to navigate.

CLICK HERE to view sample report.

Operational Cost Metrics Tracked by MTI Benchmarking

- Total Labor as a % of Sales
- Total Utilities as a % of Sales
- Transportation as a % of Sales
- Maintenance as a % of Sales
- Health Benefits as a % of Sales
- Workers Compensation as a % of Sales
- General & Administrative as a % of Sales
- Average $ per Order
- Net Profit as a % of Sales
- Sales Per Employee
- Delivery

Your cost metrics are compared against the following:

  • All Companies
  • Companies with a profit
  • Companies with a loss
  • Companies of similar size
  • Top 50% in sales
  • Bottom 50% in sales
  • Type company (batch, continuous, blend of both)

Your company is also ranked in performance against all companies similar to your size in sales for each metric.  You only see your ranking.  

The program is simple to enroll and participate in.

The following are the steps to enroll and take advantage of this informative program: 

  • Complete Online Account Setup Form:  CLICK HERE

Once our office receives your setup form, we will have your account established for you to input your ops cost figures.


CLICK HERE to download an easy to use spreadsheet to organize your figures for input.  You simply input the dollar figures for each metric in column 1 and the spreadsheet calculates in column 2 what you enter into our secure online system.

You will receive notices for each reporting and report download periods so you know when to enter the next reporting period figures, as well as download your reports. 

If you are not signed up for the program or want more information contact the MTI offices at 904-249-0448 or info@heattreat.net. 


MTI Financial Benchmarking Confidentiality Statement

Your individual report is held in strict confidence and is secure and confidential with a password protected account.  No MTI volunteer leader or any member has access to individual results.