MTI Purchase Order Checklist

MTI Purchase Order Checklist

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As a buyer of heat treating services, everyday you are putting together purchase orders of various types to move your work from point A to point B.  The challenge with current supply chains is lack of people to push work through as efficiently as possible. The labor shortage is a long term challenge and if you are like most companies, you are stretched for time with meeting deadlines and pushing orders out the door.  The purchase order process plays a big role in saving time and efficiency. 

An incomplete purchase order leads to unnecessary phone calls, emails, research and leaves to much guesswork that will waste a lot of time you and your supplier don’t have.  In the heat treating supply chain, If a purchase order isn’t complete or is missing key elements such as the part #, exact process you are requiring, the specification to heat treat to, what condition the material is in, where is the part in the manufacturing process and the method of packaging, you will spend double time in following up with your heat treater verifying all this information so your parts or material are heat treated to your requirements. Or worse, parts could be heat treated incorrectly because PO instructions were incorrect or incomplete.  

The Metal Treating Institute has taken all the guesswork out of the purchase order process with our Purchase Order checklist.  This checklist will be a highly effective resource tool when you are preparing your purchase orders.  Using this checklist will save you valuable time and follow up calls with your heat treat supplier verifying information they will need to perform the process correctly and right the first time.  Take time to download the MTI Purchase Order Checklist Tool and put it somewhere in your office for reference each time you are completing a purchase order for heat treat services.  To download the checklist, go to and click on Purchase Order Resource under the Industry Links tab on the top menu.  Our goal is to take all the guesswork out of the PO process and save you valuable time so you can focus on the key areas of your processes and quality.  Have a great day.

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