Sales Forecasting Program


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Welcome to MTI’s Monthly Sales Forecasting Program.  This tool provides you with real-time comparison of your monthly sales trends, your percentage of market share, and your rank in total sales compared to the full membership and your region.


This important sales data is used by MTI's third party forecasting company, ITR Economics, to forecast MTI member sales growth for the next 1, 2, and 3 years.  ITR is one of the country's leading forecasting companies with a proven 94.7% accuracy of predicting the ups and downs in the economy over the last 60 years...pretty impressive!


This level of financial forecasting would cost $20,000 if you bought it yourself.  With MTI, it is complimentary as a part of your dues...that's value!


CLICK HERE to view a sample of the Monthly Trend report you will receive.


CLICK HERE to download MTI's Quarterly Heat Treat Forecast that is designed by ITR Economics from the combined reporting of MTI members..

With the business climate changing so fast, it’s imperative that your company have real-time financial data and trends to help them make solid business and purchasing decisions, and this Monthly Sales report is one of MTI’s biggest management tools.


After your account is set up, all that is required each month is that you login and enter your sales number into our easy to use system.




To participate in the program, we need the last 24 months sales figures from your company.  It's 2 simple steps to get into the program:


Step 1:  CLICK HERE to complete the online form for MTI to create your account.  


Once we receive your online form, we will contact you to answer any questions you may have.  When your initial data is loaded, you will receive an email each month when it is time to report your monthly sales figure and download your report.


CLICK HERE to watch a short tutorial on the Online Benchmarking system.


If you are not signed up for the system, or want more information, contact the MTI offices at 904-249-0448 or


MTI Financial Benchmarking Confidentiality Statement

Your individual report is held in strict confidence by our third-party online system provider.  No volunteer leader or any member has access to individual results.  You are the only one with access to member data collected through MTI’s benchmarking program.