Energy Purchasing

Energy Solutions. Data Driven

The APPI Energy database of daily supplier prices enables our team to benchmark prices in every deregulated energy market. We review thousands of prices every day to deliver data-driven solutions and true apples-to-apples price comparisons.

Selecting the best energy supplier price and contract is a complex process. The critical goal is to ensure that each supplier’s quote includes the same price components and contract clauses. Since 1996, APPI Energy has vetted and approved 36 supplier companies and more than 144 contracts. Our proprietary platform gives clients a competitive edge as they make informed, customized purchasing decisions.

Pricing Database

APPI Energy maintains a proprietary database of more than 250 million records, enabling our consultants to compare historical and real-time prices in every deregulated energy market.

Trends & Analysis

Decisions about when to buy and contract length are based on data, analytics, and expertise. APPI Energy consultants craft solutions that fit each client’s needs.

Customized Solutions

APPI Energy helps you select a supplier and negotiate price and contract terms & conditions, ensuring a seamless transition to a customized energy solution.

Supplier Platform
APPI Energy’s in-house Corporate Counsel performs continual due diligence of suppliers, vetting each company’s financial, managerial, and operational stability and performance.


Negotiating and Advocating on Your Behalf:  We are your partner, not your supplier.

Minimizing Risk:
 Analyzing contracts and monitoring regulatory changes.

Provide You Customized Solutions:
 Comprehensive evaluation on demand and usage profile.

Save You Time:
 Evaluate local utility and governmental policies to ensure all incentives are being captured.



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